Tap and check Is a watch clock scanner that is placed on a person's wrist. What is different about this watch clock is that it not only can it tell the time but has the ability to scan homework assignments. This particular watch has an app that allows the user to scan and check their homework. Once the document has been scanned on the watch, the person can ask the app to check their answers.


Tap and check was created after one of the founders Maribel was very frustrated that she wasn't able to have a tutor on the spot or be able to have a computer with to help her with homework. After months of frustration at her first semester at University after transfering, she wanted to find a solution: to be able get her answers from her homework regardless where she was. She did not always want to depend on a computer to have access to answers or to carry around her heavy labtop and books. She met another student named Jessica in her web design class and they got to know one another. For their next project they did research on the possibilities of 3D holograms. After many experiments and research the Tap and Check watch was invented, ready to launch for the summer of 2018.


The Tap and Check watch makes it easy to accurately scan your answers and check them for errors.

  • Scan your homework to check for any incorrect answers.
  • Display your homework using the halogram feature or watch example videos.
  • Looking up answers, just tell the watch to check your answers.
  • See the answer, but don't know how to solve the problem,Tap and Check can show examples by video or text explaining how to solve the answer.
  • Need additional help with homework? You can connect with professional tutors online that can help with whatever subjects.
  • Make your own study notes on the halogram and you can zoom in and out
  • Share your notes with other users and add them to coments to your notes or theirs.
  • Comes with a calculator and can display digital or analog time, it is a watch after all.


The watch comes in black, red, or blue. More colors coming soon!

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Abbie Miller, Age 22, College student

I enjoyed using the tap and check to correct my mistake when I’m studing. I sometimes forget my laptop or phone when I’m at school, so it’s nice to have something to use when forget your study material. I like the hologram feature of this watch. I can see the answers and my corrections a lot better than looking at them on the screen on the watch. I recommend this watch to anyone studying for tests.

Eric Rodriguez, Age 17, High school student:

My Tap and Check watch helps me memorize all my subjects in school, such as algebra, biology, world history, and English. I can make flash card on the watch, check my answers, and look words and their definition online if I need to double check. It has really helped me with getting through the most difficult and stress-filled tests. I also use this watch for when my friends get together for a study group. Everyone should get this watch if want to ace your test on the first try.