- Ok Doggi-

Ok Doggi is a service pet owners that can be used right of your phone. Ok Doggi is an application that helps bridge the gap between the pet community and their owners. This service helps you communicate and interpret your pets body language. Our innovative technology allows you to scan your pet right through your camera phone and relays this information to you in the form of a hologram. The hologram of your pet will point out any signs of concern and also your pets mood.


We came together because we deeply believe that the hundreds of thousands of dogs in the world should be able to communicate with their owners. Obviously, dogs can't talk, so their "language" is comprised of other signals, primarily body language, such as movement and positioning of the ears and tail, as well as how a dog positions himself near other dogs. This is why we chose to make Ok Doggi! A service to help you understand how much your pet loves you!


Mobile Service

No extra equipment access online and the app

Health Check

check on your pets health easy and convenient


check your pets mood understand them better

-User Stories-

John Smith

John lives in Laguna Beach and is single. He works as a lawyer for a very important firm and travels often. As an animal lover he enjoys his time off outdoors with his boxer Benji. John has even taught Benji how to surf and they do this often. John has a substantial income and at his age of 35 he doesn’t mind spending extra income for his or Benji’s needs.
John heard about OK doggi online through an ad. He decided to try it so he could keep track of Benji without worrying about having to drop him off anywhere. Benji always prefers to be at home and gets anxiety going to pet hotels. Ok doggi takes care of both their needs.

Susan Woods

Susan live in Irvine, she is a widow. She ‘s in 70s, and she is an old lady who lives alone with her dog Coco. When she taking her time to go out to the park to do exercise, or go to the grocery store to buy food for her meals, she cannot able to taking care of her dog Coco. Her daughter heard about OK doggi through from online and TV advertisement. She recommended Susan to use it for taking care of her dog. She tried to use and keep Coco without worry about staying home alone whenever she’s go out. Ok doggi helped Susan ro taking care of both their needs.

-Our Team-

Haley Kim

She is the CEO & Co- developer of Ok Doggi. She always had a passion for animals and their behavior, as a pet owner Haley was looking for a better way to track her pet's needs and wants. She is sure any subscriber will find Ok Doggi does just that!

Patty Arias

Patty is a Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Ok Doggi. As a child Patty always had pets, some more exotic than others. It was at a young age her curiosity for pets and communication developed and helped spark the idea that would turn into Ok Doggi.




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