is an app that assists with community animal issues.

Animal Identification (AID) is a mobile application connected with the local animal control. This application allows users to report sightings of stray animals and dangerous wildlife (coyotes, bobcats, bats, raccoons, opossums, etc.). It also includes related pet services: report a lost pet, adopt animal, pet training, and health care resources.


Report sightings

Report animal sightings by pining their location in your area. Your pins are viewed and handled by the local animal shelter.


View active animals near you. View reported animals and information provided by your neighbors and local animal shelter.

Lost Pets

File a lost pet report. Upload a picture and a description. Animal control will notify you if found.


View local animal shelters that are holding adoptions.


Aaron can set up a “Lost” profile that users and nearby animal control can reference. A few neighbors post pins leaving similar descriptions of “a large black and tan dog.” Animal control investigates and sure enough, it’s Kirby.

Monserrat is referred to the app by a neighbor. With the app, she can report coyote sighting on the app and alerts other users on the app about the sighting. The app also provides useful tips about what to do when encountering a coyote.

Our mission is to dedicate to the care of animals,
the safety of the general public,
and the education of animal care.
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Silvia Rodriguez is a graphic designer and pet owner. She wanted to create a platform for both residents and Animal Control to communicate more efficiently.

Vanessa Valerio is a person who loves nature. She wanted to create an app that can alert her neighborhood about wildlife dangers and what they can do in case of an emergency.