Enriching Students' Minds

Parker-Anderson has been the leader in after-school enrichment since 1986. Our staff of instructors is highly trained, and brings our intellectually stimulating enrichment to students in a fun and exciting way.

Supported By Local Schools

In 1986, Jamie started teaching after-school karate classes and within two years had partnerships with many schools in Los Angeles. He branched out into other areas of enrichment, developing programs with an eye on what kids like and what is good for them: science experiments, arts, robotics, and sports.

When Josh Parker came along as one of the most popular chess teachers in LA, he and Jamie quickly formed a model program that currently offers over 50 types of enrichment classes to thousands of elementary school students.

Parker-Anderson's relationships with schools are firmly established and their commitment to quality is unwavering.

Please see our list of schools on this page, and, if your child's school is not listed, contact us! We will be happy to serve!

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