Our Story

Since 1972, Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream has been a local favorite for generations of Orange County residents. All of our ice cream is made fresh, in the original Santa Ana location, using only the richest cream from local dairies. We never whip air into our ice cream to fluff up the volume. So, all you get is dense, creamy ice cream that you can really sink your teeth into! In addition to classic favorites, like Butter Pecan and Cookies & Cream, the Hans’ team continues to create new flavors, like Coffee OREO® and Nutella® Krunch. Try them in a shake or sundae or just enjoy them on a cone. We also serve up handmade Drumsticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Munchies as well as hand-dipped, frozen bananas. Tell us what you like or dislike about our products or service, and we’ll continue to refine both. Our first batch of Salted Caramel ice cream was too salty. The next…not salty enough. Now? Now, we’ve got it just right. Try a taste for yourself.

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